Restaurang Museet

With responsibility to design the concept for a new restaurant for one of Stockholm’s famous restaurateurs, this project required creating a modern bistro that would also function as a late evening bar.

To create a vivid atmosphere, several show case stands were implemented displaying changeable content, hence the name Museet (The Museum).
One stand shows a full size tiger skeleton purchased from a zoo in Sweden, and after intro-
ducing the restaurants owners to WWF, their cooperation is today close with donations to save the worlds tigers.

Restaurant Museet quickly became one of Stockholm’s most popular restaurants.

Materials are white glazed tile, dark wooden floors, marble, brass, iron, glass, flame colored velvet fabrics, cognac colored leather.

Wall mounted sofas in cognac colored leather.

Dark wooden floors.

New menus in brass.
Graphic design: Marcus Gärde

Menus in brass close up.
Graphic design: Marcus Gärde

Tiger skeleton bought from a Swedish zoo.

Vintage pipe in brass from an old elevator door.
Graphic design: Marcus Gärde

Menu holders from Hotel Sacher in Austria.
Graphic design: Marcus Gärde

Pendant lamps from an old factory.

The neon sign was created using the old restaurant sign by reconnecting
it´s letters.

Detail from one of the show case stands.

Close up of the Tiger skeleton.

One of the themes in the show case stands.

Industrial lamps

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