Bad Lab Beer Co

An industrial minimalistic brewpub in the heart of New Hampshire.

The already existing industrial building came with elements like concrete flooring, a black industrial ceiling and windows with black steel frames.

I wanted to build around the original details only adding a few other materials to accentuate and compliment the simple and industrial feeling of the space. This meant that I needed to be creative in what materials to use and how to use them.

The goal was to create a framework where the beer together with the fresh food and the people interacting would be the main event.

A minimalistic living room where everyone is mingled together.

Photo credit
Johan Annerfelt

Kitchen in stainless steel.

Three industrial fans on the front of the hood connects the black industrial ceiling and chairs, and also useful on hot summer days.

Concrete counter with storage behind light gray Valchromat fronts.

To the right one of the two community tables in concrete measuring 3*1,50 m, bar stools from Swedish company Massproduction matching the dining chairs.

A part of the kitchen that also functions as take away area.

The two stainless steel counters where lifted a few cm from the floor to create a lighter impression.

The brewery tanks seen through the glass window.

A community table for beer tasting just in front to get a close feeling of the beer production.

The edges of the concrete counter (seen in front) is made in 45 degrees angle and is lifted a few cm from the floor to create a lighter impression.

Close up at the pendant lamp from Roll & Hill.

It is placed above the concrete counter and becomes a graphic element matching the lines in the ceiling.

Overview of the dining area with the open stainless kitchen in the back.

The 10 meter long concrete counter serves as a room divider with a sofa at one side and storage at the other.

The dark brown leather gives a nice contrast to the otherwise very monochrome space.

Black chairs from Swedish company Massproduction and table tops in treated light gray Valchromat to match the concrete.

Close up of the brewery equipment in stainless steel.

Brown beer bottles in contrast to the concrete.


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