Interior design

Restaurang & Bar Nazdrowje

The assignment was to turn a parking garage into a restaurant and nightclub. After a research trip to Poland, including visits to old factories, the concept took shape and the restaurant was named Nazdrowje (Polish for cheers).

The natural raw atmosphere of the space was kept and used as a base for the concept. Floors were made of concrete and casted benches were mounted directly onto the walls.
A large fire place in copper and a unique lighting arrangement was custom-made to give warmth to the industrial environment.

Frequently used materials include concrete, copper, steel and white tiles.

Fireplace and lighting arrangements in copper. Tables made of concrete with tops in copper.

Bar in concrete. Chairs in metal from Tolix.

Radiators in copper.

Lamp close up.

Concrete basin with details in copper.

Photographs of the workers who built the restaurant. By Mattias Lindbäck.

Bar and shelves made of concrete. Pendant lamps taken from an old factory in the Czech Republic.

Copper pipe detail.

Concrete bar close up.

Industrial lamp detail.

Restaurang Museet

With responsibility to design the concept for a new restaurant for one of Stockholm’s famous restaurateurs, this project required creating a modern bistro that would also function as a late evening bar.

To create a vivid atmosphere, several show case stands were implemented displaying changeable content, hence the name Museet (The Museum).
One stand shows a full size tiger skeleton purchased from a zoo in Sweden, and after intro-
ducing the restaurants owners to WWF, their cooperation is today close with donations to save the worlds tigers.

Restaurant Museet quickly became one of Stockholm’s most popular restaurants.

Materials are white glazed tile, dark wooden floors, marble, brass, iron, glass, flame colored velvet fabrics, cognac colored leather.

Wall mounted sofas in cognac colored leather.

Dark wooden floors.

New menus in brass.
Graphic design: Marcus Gärde

Menus in brass close up.
Graphic design: Marcus Gärde

Tiger skeleton bought from a Swedish zoo.

Vintage pipe in brass from an old elevator door.
Graphic design: Marcus Gärde

Menu holders from Hotel Sacher in Austria.
Graphic design: Marcus Gärde

Pendant lamps from an old factory.

The neon sign was created using the old restaurant sign by reconnecting
it´s letters.

Detail from one of the show case stands.

Close up of the Tiger skeleton.

One of the themes in the show case stands.

Industrial lamps

Snickarbacken 7

An old stable in central Stockholm was restored to be used as a space for boutiques, a gallery and café. The unique features of the venue’s original details were renovated, while a large tree hangs in the entrance and the concrete floors sustain a sense of still being outside.

Materials used are brass, white tiles, dark wood and concrete.

View from the entrance.


Redesigning one of Stockholm´s most famous strip clubs.
The task here was to innovate the concept and create a modern and elegant, yet functional environment.

The shape of the laser cut scene in white glass is reflected in the ceiling, integrated with an advanced lightning system that creates pulsating light. Walls were dressed in beige velvet combined with apricot colored mosaic.

Materials used are marble, mosaic, velvet, perspex and leather.

Bar front in marble.
Lamps mounted on white perspex.


Caribbean style bedroom in a house in Stockholm



An exclusive Spa room with mosaic from Bizassa and integrated lighting in both the ceiling and floor.

Outside shower

This project consisted of building an outdoor shower that would easily melt into it´s exotic non-typical Swedish surroundings.

The materials used were carefully selected to match this intention – the mosaic pattern covering the shower wall (Bisazzas L’Elba), the copper shower and the copper coated base.

Shower in copper.

Shower detail in copper.

Shower base in copper.

Pool area.

Exotic plants

Walk in closet

Custom built walk in closet in a private apartment.

The wardrobes are made of smoked oak with handles in brass whilst the opposite wall is completely covered with mirrors. A cognac colored carpet covers the floor.

Detail of the brass handles.

Walk in closet.

Mirror installation

Part of a living room in a private apartment with one of the walls entirely covered by a mirror and an installation made of circular mirror pieces. The top of the cabinet
in smoked oak is made of copper colored glass.

Mirror installation.

Cabinet top in copper colored glass.

Apartment 75 m2

The interior design of an apartment (75 m2) with the aim to create a masculine and contemporary atmosphere with details of the client´s career as a doctor.


Dark wooden wall in zebrano veneer.

Wall painting copied from Damien Hirst installation at The Pharmacy in London.

Installation in walk in closet.